Welcome to CAYE Pacific’s Leadership and Policy page, where we are committed to driving impactful change and creating an advocacy platform for young entrepreneurs within the Commonwealth’s Pacific region.

Through strategic engagement with policymakers and stakeholders through members in each respective nation, we will advocate for policies that foster sustainable business growth and empower the next generation of innovators.

Our Vision

At CAYE Pacific, we envision a future where youth entrepreneurship is not only celebrated but actively supported through well-crafted policies and frameworks. We believe that enabling young entrepreneurs is essential for economic growth, job creation and social development in the Commonwealth’s Pacific region. Our leadership and policy work is driven by the following:

Systemic Approach for Sustainable Change
Any meaningful and lasting change requires a comprehensive approach. We will analyse existing policies, regulations and barriers that impact young entrepreneurs. By conducting in-depth research and scrutineering, we will identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Evidence-based Policy Advocacy
We advocate for policies backed by strong evidence that is informed by real-world experiences. Our organisation will collaborate with entrepreneurs, experts and industry leaders to ensure that policy recommendations are practical, effective and reflective of the needs of young entrepreneurs.

Engaging with Governments and Stakeholders
CAYE Pacific members in each respective nation will actively engage with their governments and relevant stakeholders across the Commonwealth’s Pacific region. Through these members in these nations, we will foster open dialogue and collaboration, working together to create an environment for youth entrepreneurship to develop.

Sustainable and Equitable Opportunities
Our policy expertise is focused on creating opportunities that are sustainable and equitable. We aim to bridge the gap between different segments of society, ensuring that all aspiring entrepreneurs have access to the resources, mentorship and support they need to succeed.

Get Involved

As a young entrepreneur or a supporter of youth entrepreneurship, you can play an active role in our leadership and policy efforts. Here’s how you can get involved:

Join CAYE Pacific
Become a member of our community and participate in our policy-related initiatives. Together, we can amplify our collective voice and advocate for impactful policy changes.

Share Your Insights
Share your experiences and insights as a young entrepreneur. Your stories can help shape our policy recommendations and provide valuable real-world perspectives.

Engage in Advocacy
Take part in our advocacy campaigns and initiatives aimed at promoting youth entrepreneurship. Together, we can create stronger and more inclusive entrepreneurial enablers.

Stay Informed
Stay updated on our policy research, reports and advocacy efforts. Follow our social media channels to receive the latest news and opportunities.

Join Us in Driving Change

CAYE Pacific is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for young entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth’s Pacific region. By advocating for policies that empower youth entrepreneurship, we aim to build a brighter future and unlock the potential of the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Let’s work together to drive positive change and create lasting impact through strategic leadership and policy advocacy. Join us on this journey today!

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