Vice-Chair | Coordinator - Australia

Brief info

Zachary Harrigan is an exceptional young leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record in the Australian Government Sector. With a wealth of experience as a management consultant, Zac has seamlessly navigated his way through various roles in both prominent global consulting firms and specialised boutique firms. His impressive portfolio not only includes successfully managing corporate services but also managing large-scale programs and showcasing his expertise in project management.

His commitment to delivering exceptional results with a keen focus on people, strategy, and end-to-end project delivery as well as his passion for collaboration has led him to join the CAYE Pacific, an esteemed community of aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals.
By sharing his own experiences and soaking up insights from others, he seeks to further expand his knowledge, leverage collective wisdom, and make a meaningful impact. Driven by a genuine desire to help others, Zachary is committed to contributing his expertise, while continuously learning and evolving alongside fellow entrepreneurs.