Welcome to the Resources & Alliances page of CAYE Pacific, where we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to foster entrepreneurship and drive positive change.

We take pride in working with a diverse range of strategic partners, organisations and alliances across the Commonwealth. Through these valuable connections, we leverage collective knowledge, resources and expertise to create a more inclusive and impactful platform for young entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

At CAYE Pacific, we envision a connected and united network of organisations and alliances working hand-in-hand to support and empower young entrepreneurs. Our resources & alliances work aims to:

Foster Collaboration
Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. By joining forces with like-minded organisations and partners, we create relationships that amplify the impact of our initiatives and unlock new opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Expand Reach
Through our alliances, we can extend our reach to diverse regions, communities and industries. This broader reach allows us to support a wider spectrum of young entrepreneurs, including those in underserved areas and provide tailored resources and assistance accordingly.

Enhance Our Programmes
Collaborating with strategic partners enables us to enhance our existing programmes and develop new initiatives that address emerging challenges and opportunities in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Create a Strong Support System
Our alliances and partnerships help create a robust support system for young entrepreneurs, providing access to a broader network of mentors, investors and industry experts.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

CAYE Pacific is proud to collaborate with a diverse range of organisations, governments and industry leaders. Some of our key alliances include:

Commonwealth of Nations
As a Network of the Commonwealth of Nations, we align our efforts with the organisation’s commitment to promoting youth empowerment, sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. Through this alliance, we participate in high-level dialogues and policy discussions, advocating for youth entrepreneurship as a key driver of prosperity and social progress within the Commonwealth’s Pacific region and beyond.

Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC)
Partnering with CYC allows us to advocate for youth entrepreneurship on a global scale, engaging with young leaders from across the Commonwealth.

Government Agencies
We work closely with government agencies to align our programmes with national priorities and policies, ensuring our efforts are well-integrated into each nation’s larger system.

Corporate Sponsors
Corporate sponsors play a crucial role in supporting our initiatives and providing resources to empower young entrepreneurs.

Educational Institutions
Partnering with educational institutions enables us to deliver entrepreneurship education and skill-building programmes, fostering innovation through education.

Get Involved

CAYE Pacific welcomes new alliances and partnerships that share our commitment to fostering youth entrepreneurship and driving positive change. Here’s how you can get involved:

Become a Partner
If your organisation shares our vision for empowering young entrepreneurs and fostering entrepreneurial enablement, consider becoming a strategic partner.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Corporate sponsors can play a pivotal role in supporting our programmes and events, making a tangible difference in the lives of young entrepreneurs.

Collaborative Initiatives
Join hands with us to co-create initiatives that address critical challenges faced by young entrepreneurs, leveraging the strengths of our respective organisations.

Together, We Can Achieve More

CAYE Pacific’s resources & alliances work exemplifies the power of collaboration and collective action. Through our strategic partnerships, we are work to create a nurturing and supportive environment where young entrepreneurs can grow.

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