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Leadership & Policy

Welcome to CAYE Pacific's Leadership and Policy page, where we are committed to driving impactful change and creating an advocacy platform for young entrepreneurs within the Commonwealth's Pacific region.

Business Skills 

Welcome to CAYE Pacific's Business Skills page, where we are dedicated to equipping young entrepreneurs with the essential tools, knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the world of business.

Events & Awards

Welcome to the Events and Awards page of CAYE Pacific, where we believe in the power of connection, collaboration and celebration.

Resources & Alliances

Welcome to the Resources & Alliances page of CAYE Pacific, where we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to foster entrepreneurship and drive positive change.

Our Team

CAYE Pacific empowers young entrepreneurs in the Pacific region through our unique volunteer work approach. We focus on policy analysis, connecting entrepreneurs, and serving as a hub for information and support. Our youth-led organization values inclusivity, collaboration, and unlocking the potential of diverse backgrounds.

Sakshi Thakur

Participation & Engagement | Coordinator - Australia

Ruthleey Kile

Coordinator - Papua New Guinea

Auega Alemenia

Coordinator - Tuvalu

Bryan Earles

Coordinator - Papua New Guinea

Bradley Yombon-Copio

Projects & Events | Coordinator - Papua New Guinea

Best Apisit Uthakhamkong

Communications & Public Relations | Coordinator - New Zealand

Zac Harrigan

Vice-Chair | Coordinator - Australia

Alexander Andric

Chair | Coordinator - Australia

Kevin Schuster

Participation & Engagement | Coordinator - Samoa

Tevita Rakula

Communications & Public Relations | Coordinator - Fiji

Kim Nguyen

Policy & Advocacy | Coordinator - Australia

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