Communications & Public Relations | Coordinator - New Zealand

Brief info

Best Apisit Uthakhamkong is a highly motivated individual with a strong commitment to personal growth and a diverse skill set in Communication Design, Brand Strategy, Leadership, and Creativity. Drawing upon his exceptional problem-solving abilities and a profound understanding of peace-building principles, he strives to make a meaningful and positive impact on a global scale.

As the founder and president of The Peace Club (Trust) in New Zealand, Best actively spearheads marketing campaigns, develops engaging social media content, and orchestrates impactful events. This youth-led organization is dedicated to cultivating peace, love, and compassion within communities. Through inspiring and empowering initiatives, Best's organization works tirelessly to foster a more harmonious and equitable world, recognizing the transformative potential of youth in leading positive change for future generations.

With his wealth of experience, Best is poised to bring his diverse skill set to CAYE Pacific, contributing to effective communication, engagement, and overall success for both the team and young entrepreneurs in the region. His commitment to driving positive change aligns perfectly with the vision and mission of CAYE Pacific, ensuring that the voices of young entrepreneurs are heard and their potential maximized.