Fostering Cross-Country Collaboration

The establishment of CAYE Pacific aims to stimulate collaboration and knowledge sharing among young entrepreneurs across the Pacific region. By providing a platform that facilitates interaction, networking and exchange of ideas, CAYE Pacific enables young entrepreneurs from different countries within the region to collaborate, learn from each other’s experiences and leverage collective strengths. This collaboration has the potential to promote innovation, enhance competitiveness, and create opportunities for regional partnerships that can contribute to the overall economic and social development within the Pacific.

At a whole-of-Commonwealth level, CAYE Pacific aims to build upon 2023 Commonwealth Trade Ministers Meeting commitment to deepen collaboration between all members states, in particular  developing countries, least developed countries, small states and small island developing states.

CAYE Pacific will work with the other CAYEs across the Commonwealth to create pathways for young entrepreneurs to access opportunities and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, thus broadening their market opportunities and aiding them to leverage, and benefit from, the Commonwealth Advantage.